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If your property is 40 years old or older, its chances of containing harmful asbestos are very high. This is where the experts at  ZKL Asbestos and Demolition Services can help. We can perform an asbestos consultation anywhere in Queensland to assess your property and test for asbestos. 

Our registered asbestos consultant has the necessary licences and training to identify, test and remove asbestos from both residential and commercial properties. An asbestos consultation is the best way to ensure the safety of your area. If we identify the hazardous substance present in the property, we will ensure its removal with minimal impact on your operations.

Our work is Worksafe and Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) approved, and we will work hard to find the most cost-efficient solutions for your situation and property.

Why an asbestos consultatant could save your life

In the case of asbestos, the unknown could be deadly. Many homes and commercial buildings built in the 1980s used the now-banned and extremely harmful material which has fibres that if inhaled over long periods can cause life-threatening illnesses.

Do not take this risk. ZKL Asbestos offers an in-depth asbestos consultation service which will test and identify if your property is at risk from asbestos. The peace of mind in knowing you are saving is nice, but actually being our of harm’s way with asbestos is priceless. Do not put this issue to the side; take action today with our help.

What should you do if asbestos is identified in your property?

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There are many laws and regulations in place when it comes to asbestos, and this can seem daunting for property owners who think they may be facing the issue. This is not a reason to put your head in the sand, as asbestos issues will only get worse. Luckily, ZKL Asbestos and Demolition is a one-stop-shop for all asbestos matters. 

We can test, remove and issue a Clearance Certificate for any asbestos-related situations. That means just one call to us, takes care of the whole problem for you! We can safely remove the asbestos from your property, ensuring that you, your family, staff, or customers, are not at risk. 

Book an asbestos consultation with the experts at ZKL today

Don’t risk your life or the lives of those around you, Call Our Brisbane asbestos consultant for an consultation today and identify any life-threatening issues. We have many years of experience with homes and commercial properties all around Queensland and will do what is needed to keep you safe. 

Trust ZKL Asbestos and Demolition Services to protect you and your property from asbestos no matter where you are located around Brisbane or Queensland. Safety is the primary goal, and a quality asbestos consultation from one of our highly-trained experts is the first step in the right direction. Call today!

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