Stay Safe With Professional Asbestos Demolition

There is no room for error with ZKL Asbestos & Demolition Services. We take the task seriously and hold a Class B Asbestos Removal Licence. You can trust our many years of experience in safely removing this substance from your commercial, industrial, or domestic property. We seriously advise you to opt for asbestos demolition professionals to manage the health dangers of asbestos fibres during a demolition.

Our Process for Demolition and Asbestos Removal

Working with a hazardous material like asbestos requires a high level of skill and experience and an efficient, safe process. The ZKL asbestos demolition team can apply our asbestos demolition services to the following situations:

We provide asbestos demolition to homes and businesses around Brisbane and broader Queensland to provide peace of mind, and above all, a safe property.

Asbestos Testing

If you suspect there is asbestos somewhere in your building, it’s best to have a professional conduct a rigorous test. We will take the necessary steps to determine if the harmful material is present and create a plan to demolish and remove it from the property. Before we commence, we will inform your neighbours to close their doors and windows well in advance.


We provide professional excavation services for commercial, industrial, and domestic projects to suit your needs. Whether a standalone service or a combination of asbestos demolition and other services, we offer a cost-effective process. When you hire our team for the demolition, we will use the latest equipment and technology to excavate carefully.

Site Remediation

You can capitalise on this service when you need us to remove contaminants from the ground. While on site, our team will inspect your property to determine the presence of pollution. We’ll structure a plan to locate these elements and remove them effectively.

Asbestos Removals Brisbane

Asbestos Disposal and Site Cleaning

Material waste and other elements will likely create a mess around the property. However, we are meticulous in everything we do, so you can rely on us to thoroughly clean the site before leaving. Furthermore, we will dispose of the asbestos responsibly to minimise the impact on our landfills.

What Our Demolition Services in Brisbane Entail

All our staff have the necessary training in asbestos demolition and removal. However, if an accident were to occur while we were on the job site, we carry public liability insurance to cover you and our team. We aim to remove the stress from the process and allow you peace of mind with us taking care of the task.

We are committed to being an environmentally friendly company and will carefully separate recyclable items. Furthermore, we use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensed vehicles to travel across Brisbane and other areas within Queensland.

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With over six years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to deliver an efficient service. Our team is qualified to assess your situation and take the right steps to achieve the desired results. Protect yourself, your team, and your family by enlisting a reputable company to manage your asbestos demolition and removal.

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