Asbestos Roof Removal Brisbane

Our asbestos roof removal services are highly recommended. Please speak to a professional from ZKL Asbestos + Demolition for reliable handling and removal of all asbestos on your property.

Why Use Us For Asbestos Roof replacement Around Brisbane?

We highly discourage removing asbestos yourself as it requires training and the right tools. Here’s why it’s better to let professionals handle the removal:

Asbestos is Highly Toxic

This material can lead to life-threatening illness when the fibres break off and lodge in your lungs. Since these fibres do not show up as an allergic reaction, you will not know you have inhaled them.

Professionals Have Training and Equipment

When working with and removing asbestos, the equipment is as important as the training we have received. We understand how to isolate contaminated areas and safely remove the asbestos without disturbing the material. Our training and equipment mean we remove the asbestos without putting anyone at risk.

Comprehensive Understanding of Governing Law

Our professionals all have the necessary qualifications and, as such, a comprehensive understanding of the laws that govern the removal of asbestos. No one may legally repair asbestos installations and must seek professional asbestos roof removal and replacement services. We help you avoid hefty fines for improper handling and eradicate harmful materials.

Likelihood You Need Asbestos Roof disposal

During the 1980s, Australia had one of the highest rates of asbestos use worldwide. Many homeowners chose it for being cheap, highly fire- and corrosion-resistant, and robust. Understanding the possibility of having asbestos in your home is a good first step. Here are some things to consider:

Construction or Renovation During the 80s

One of the main indicators that there’s asbestos in your home is if construction or renovation occurred during the 80s. Given the popularity of asbestos at the time, it is very likely that your construction project used asbestos, whether as part of the concrete structure or for roof tiling.

Commonly Grey and Black

Asbestos roof tiling – when not covered with paint – typically has a grey and black colour in a flat-tiled or corrugated style. If you have similar-looking, unpainted roof tiles, it is best to give us a call to inspect the site and advise accordingly.

When in Doubt, Call for Help

If you have any reason to believe you have asbestos in your home or on your roof, the best way to make sure is to have our professionals investigate the site. Once we find asbestos, we can carefully remove the cladding before installing safe materials. We will provide you with a Clearance Certificate when our task is complete.

Our Brisbane asbestos roof removal process

The first step is to confirm that your roof does indeed have asbestos. If this is the case, we carefully remove the existing asbestos roofing and wall cladding (if necessary), then install a new roof with high quality and reliable materials.

Upon completion, you will be issued with a Clearance Certificate. Above all, you will have the peace of mind and confidence in knowing that all asbestos has been safely removed from your property and disposed of. You’ll also have a new roof installed safely and correctly.

Book Our Asbestos Roof Removal Around Brisbane Now

Never hesitate to seek assistance if you have any reason to believe your property contains asbestos. We can do a quick quote before you agree to our services, and we’ll advise you on preparing the area until we arrive. We can also assist if you need additional services, such as an asbestos wall or ceiling removal.

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