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If you are concerned that your home or commercial building may have asbestos, ZKL Asbestos and Demolition Services can help. We offer a testing and removal process, acting as your one-stop-shop for asbestos removal. Ensure the safety of your home or workplace and test for asbestos straight away.

Establishing whether there is a risk of asbestos toxicity is vital for the safety of all who use your space. The Brisbane asbestos detection team are experienced in all asbestos-related tasks and are the ones to trust for peace of mind about the condition of your home or business.

Contact our asbestos inspection team to learn more about our asbestos testing, asbestos insulation testing, asbestos tile testing, asbestos audit, asbestos sampling services in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. We work hard to keep the community safe from this harmful, life-threatening material.

Are you unsure of the asbestos in your home or business?

The ZKL asbestos detection team can complete asbestos sample testing and complete inspections of the property. The goal is to help you determine the level of asbestos in your property, and our skilled, fully-equipped, and highly-experienced team can do this. 

Under WHS Regulations, we must confirm the presence or absence of asbestos by taking a sample of the material that an accredited laboratory will analyse. According to WHS Regulations, all asbestos removal also requires a Class A asbestos removal licence.

Quick response times for asbestos identification

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When it comes to efficient asbestos inspection and asbestos fibre counting, time is crucial. We understand how unsettling it can be to feel unsure of your property’s safety levels. As a result, we work quickly to get the answers you need, to then move on with asbestos removal if required.

We have speciality asbestos analysis and same day asbestos sampling services in Brisbane that work quickly to determine whether a serpentine mineral is present. Chrysotile (white asbestos) is a serpentine mineral, and ZKL’s analytical procedures identify this quickly.​​​

Providing the safe removal and disposal of asbestos

If the testing procedure reveals that your property does, in fact, contain asbestos, our asbestos assessment team members are fully trained and qualified in its removal. We handle residential, commercial and industrial requirements for the removal and disposal of asbestos.

The ZKL asbestos testing team performs all removals in strict accordance with OH&S Regulations, so you know that the complete safety of everyone who uses the site is guaranteed. All asbestos waste is transported to an EPA approved waste facility, and you will be issued with an Asbestos Clearance Certificate when your property is free and clear. In commercial settings, this may be required for any audit checks you may be subject to.

The Full Suite Of Asbestos Testing Services

Asbestos inspection services are crucial for identifying the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in buildings and structures. Air testing, material testing, and building inspections are commonly used methods to identify potential ACMs. Clearance certificate testing is done after removal to ensure that all ACMs have been safely removed. Asbestos consultancy services provide guidance and advice on the safe handling, removal, and disposal of ACMs. These services are essential to ensure that asbestos exposure is minimised and managed in accordance with relevant safety regulations. We also offer

Trust the asbestos experts with years of experience

We offer a fully qualified and experienced asbestos demolition team with whom you can engage in the process of planning a renovation or at any point where you may suspect the presence of asbestos.

You can trust our knowledge, skills, equipment and experience by asking about our portfolio of work across businesses and homes in Queensland. Our goal is to provide the highest levels of safety in everything we do, for all who are involved in the removal process.

Trust the Brisbane asbestos testing experts with years of experience

As asbestos is a fibrous material present in many of the properties built or renovated during the mid-1980s up to the 1990s, it can be common in many Queensland properties. The presence of asbestos in your home or business can present a severe and life-threatening risk, especially if it is disturbed.

For this reason, it is vital to remove asbestos as soon as possible to ensure that no one who uses your space inhales these deadly particles. Asbestos particles that have been inhaled over a long period lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma. All of this can be easily avoided with asbestos sampling, which if nothing else, provides peace of mind in knowing that your property does not present a risk.

ZKL care about your safety

One of the primary drivers of every ZKL process is ensuring high safety levels in everything we do. You, your family, staff, customers, the general public and our team members are our primary focus when it comes to ensuring a secure area and safe testing and removal process.

Our asbestos fiber identification is the first step to keeping homes and buildings around Brisbane safe. We take this role very seriously and are meticulous in everything we do. The asbestos surveys team has a tried and proven process to ensure your property is asbestos-free. We have refined operations over the years.

The ZKL asbestos testing process

If you feel that asbestos inspection is necessary at your property, we will perform this task efficiently to confirm its presence. If we find that there is asbestos in your property and it presents a risk, we will tailor a removal plan that works with your schedule and use of the property. For example, if you have a commercial premise, we can remove the asbestos during off-peak hours when customers and staff are not present.

The testing process is designed for everyone’s safety and well-being in the property, and our professional technicians will handle every step for you. There will be minimal disruption to you, and we will take the necessary steps for the correct disposal of the asbestos.

Speak to Our Asbestos analysis Team about your Inspection needs today

Trust the qualified professionals when it comes to asbestos testing and ensure your staff or your family’s safety. ZKL Asbestos and Demolition Services offer a fully accredited asbestos detection service with technicians qualified with regular training to make sure you receive the highest levels of service possible.

Brisbane and Queensland properties can benefit from our expertise and efficient response times. Protect your property from asbestos and have your materials tested today. Speak to our asbestos control team today about on-site inspections and identify if the presence of asbestos in your property poses a threat. There is no cost too significant for your safety and peace of mind, Call at 0400038476 today.

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