Asbestos Wall & Ceiling Removal

If you are aware of asbestos in your property or think there may be a risk of there being some, it is essential to Call the experts at ZKL Asbestos and Demolition Services right away. We provide safe and efficient asbestos wall and ceiling removal that homes and businesses in Queensland can rely on. 

With the necessary licences for complete removal, our team will work quickly to remove all hazardous material traces. We know that the idea of organising asbestos wall and ceiling removal can seem daunting, especially when asbestos is involved. This is why our team work to ensure minimal impact on your schedule and operations during the removal. We comply with Worksafe and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to ensure total safety and quality for every job.

The need for quality asbestos wall and ceiling removal in Brisbane

Many homes and commercial buildings in Australia were built using asbestos in the 1980s, and while the harmful material is now banned, there is still plenty in the community. Exposure to asbestos fibres can cause life-threatening illnesses, and property owners with houses or buildings over 40 years old need to be aware that there is a chance they may contain asbestos.

To confirm this, ZKL offers in-depth asbestos testing along with our various removal services. A common requirement from property owners is our asbestos wall and ceiling removal service to ensure the material is well and truly removed from the property. 

Government regulations enforce heavy penalties concerning asbestos

While we shouldn’t require a law or regulation to ensure we remove all trace of this harmful material, they are in place, and fines do apply for negligence or the mishandling of asbestos materials. You can ensure the correct safety measures are taking by engaging skilled and knowledgeable professional like the team at ZKL who can tick all of the necessary boxes during the asbestos wall and ceiling removal. 

We can issue a Clearance Certificate once we have removed the asbestos from your property, protecting you from any liability. Above all, you will have the peace of mind that all asbestos has been safely removed and the people who use your property are not at risk.

Speak to the asbestos wall and ceiling removal experts at ZKL today

For asbestos wall and ceiling removal you can rely on, call the team that Brisbane trusts. ZKL Asbestos and Demolition Services have many years of experience in dealing with hazardous asbestos and can help you protect those within your walls’ health and well-being. 

Speak to a team member at ZKL Asbestos and Demolition Services today for a no-obligation quote and removal plan suitable to your needs and situation. Protect you and your property from asbestos no matter if it is residential or commercial. We service all around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Queensland with safety as the primary goal. Call us today!

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