Quality Commercial Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

If you need reliable commercial asbestos removal in Brisbane, you can trust our team to detect asbestos on your property. Our experienced professionals thoroughly inspect the site for any traces of the material. We will dedicate our years of experience to removing all traces of contamination.

Why You Need Commercial Asbestos Removal Services

When left untreated, asbestos proves detrimental to the health of those around it for several reasons. Especially in buildings built or renovated during the 80s, it is essential to make the property asbestos-free. To better understand why asbestos is so dangerous to human health, consider the following:

Disturbed asbestos breaks down into microscopic fibres that remain airborne – entering the lungs when breathed in. The fibres eventually lodge in the lung tissue, which can lead to severe health problems. Illnesses include asbestosis (scarring of the lung tissue, which reduces functionality) or mesothelioma (cancer along the lining of the lung cavity).

Commercial Asbestos Removal Services Explained

With our assistance, you can rid your property of asbestos entirely in a controlled manner. Here is how we go about the job:

Initial Contact and Asbestos Inspection

Once we have detected asbestos on your property, we will provide you with a quote. Should you be happy with the quote, we will arrange a site inspection.

Reliable Asbestos Testing

During this step, we test various surfaces around the property for the presence of asbestos. These tests will indicate the severity of the problem and what action we must take. Decontamination is only required if the asbestos shows signs of damage or if you plan to renovate areas containing asbestos.

Full Removal Services

We bring our professionals and equipment to the site and start safely removing the asbestos with as little disturbance as possible. Our methods have proven effective repeatedly, and we follow strict protocols to make your property asbestos-free.

Why Did Builders Use Asbestos?

No one knew of the long-term exposure risks when asbestos was first introduced into the construction industry. Years later, bans on the use of asbestos were implemented for safety reasons. But why was it used in the first place? Asbestos boasts a few qualities that make it an ideal construction material, due to the following:

  1. ●    It is a durable material.
  2. ●    The material is incredibly cheap.
  3. ●    It has excellent insulating properties for sound and heat.
  4. ●    Asbestos provides adequate fire protection as a fire-resistant material.
  5. ●    It boasts good resistance to chemicals and water.
  6. ●    Asbestos is non-conductive and resistant to electricity.

Get Your Asbestos Removal Quote Now

Our clearance team provides quick quotes to speed up your asbestos removal process. Once you commit to our services, you can expect effective solutions and minimal disruption to your workforce. We also offer other services, such as asbestos roofing removal and asbestos wall and ceiling removal.

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