From Roofs to Basements: Common Asbestos Locations in Gold Coast Properties

Posted September 12, 2023


Asbestos has been a word synonymous with danger for many property owners. Back in the day, this mineral seemed like a wonder material – cheap, fire-resistant, and strong. But, the health hazards it posed turned the tide against it. On the Gold Coast, many properties still bear the hidden marks of this material.

What is Asbestos?

Picture this: a material that’s sturdy, fire-resistant, and insulating. On paper, asbestos sounded like the dream addition to any construction project. Comprising naturally occurring minerals, it was extensively used for its admirable properties. Yet, its dark side, the health risks, overshadowed its benefits.

Asbestos and Property Standards

Bygone eras saw no harm in embracing asbestos. In fact, it was a staple in many building projects. But soon, the hazardous side-effects became clear. Many countries decided to part ways with this once-favoured material, prioritising health over construction ease.

From the Top: Asbestos in Roofs

Ever noticed old, weathered roofs, bearing tiles that seem too ancient? Some of them might be housing asbestos. These roof shingles, back in their heyday, were chosen for durability. But over time, when they chip or break, they release asbestos fibres, posing a threat to all around.

Internal Threats: Walls and Ceilings

Guess what? It’s not just the roofs. Our cosy homes might have asbestos lurking in the walls and ceilings too. Especially those textured paints and ceiling tiles that were all the rage in past decades. Whenever they’re disturbed, they might release the fibres, putting everyone at risk.

Underfoot: Asbestos in Floor Tiles and Linoleum

Walking over danger? It’s possible. Older properties with vintage floor tiles and linoleum might be resting atop asbestos. Disturbing these floors, say during a renovation, can make those dangerous fibres airborne.

Asbestos in Heating and Electrical Systems

Old is not always gold. Especially when considering old heating systems and fuse boxes. Wrapped in asbestos insulation, these systems posed a warm, but hazardous environment. Though they kept homes toasty, they were a silent threat, releasing fibres when worn out.

The Basement Risk: Insulation and Pipes

Basements, our storage sanctuaries, might also be a hub for asbestos. Older insulations and pipes often used asbestos for its brilliant insulating properties. But, with age and wear, these can release the dreaded fibres, turning safety zones into danger dens.

Gold Coast Property Specifics

The scenic expanse of Gold Coast has its share of buildings with a history. Unique construction styles led to the extensive use of asbestos in certain localities. Some suburbs or property types might be more prone to housing this material than others.

Steps for Safe Identification and Removal

Spotting and tackling asbestos isn’t a DIY job. It demands professional insight. Always opt for professional testing to detect its presence. If found, don’t panic. Safe removal procedures exist, ensuring minimal risk. Proper disposal, adhering to regulations, is equally crucial.


In the quest for a safe living space, knowledge is power. Being aware of common asbestos locations can be a lifesaver, especially in older properties. And remember, if in doubt, always rely on professionals to get the job done. If you’re in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, ZKL Asbestos, a leading asbestos removal service provider, is at your service, ensuring a safe and asbestos-free environment for you and your loved ones.

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