Is Your Newport Property Safe? The Importance of Asbestos Inspections

Posted July 19, 2023


Is your property in Newport really as safe as you think it is? It’s a question that’s more pertinent than ever, especially when it comes to potential asbestos exposure. There’s a great deal more to property safety than what meets the eye. One essential safety measure that’s often overlooked is asbestos inspection.

Background on Asbestos

Now, you might ask, “What is asbestos, and why should I be bothered?” Well, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral once praised for its heat resistance and insulation properties. It found its way into various building materials from the early 20th century right up until the 1990s. But, what was once hailed as a ‘miracle mineral’ is now recognised as a potential health hazard.

The Prevalence of Asbestos in Australian Properties

If you’re reading this from your Aussie home, particularly one built before the 1990s, there’s a fair chance asbestos is in its fabric. Yes, you heard it right. Australia was one of the highest consumers of asbestos during the mid-20th century. This is why areas like Newport and indeed, all across Australia, are at a higher risk. The Australian government has imposed stringent regulations and guidelines on managing and removing asbestos, given its potential harm.

The Importance of Asbestos Inspections

So, this is where asbestos inspections become crucial. Conducted by certified asbestos inspectors, these examinations help identify any asbestos present in your property, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a safe environment. Early detection can significantly mitigate health risks and potentially impact your property’s value.

What Happens During an Asbestos Inspection?

During an inspection, each part of your property is thoroughly checked for the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Post-inspection, a comprehensive report is provided, giving homeowners valuable insight into any asbestos issues. Understanding this report is vital as it details the potential risks and recommended safety measures.

Managing and Removing Asbestos

It’s essential to stress that managing and removing asbestos isn’t a DIY job. Only licensed asbestos removers should undertake this work, considering the associated health risks. Regular checks and adherence to an asbestos management plan can help ensure the ongoing safety of your property.

Case Study: A Newport Property’s Asbestos Situation

Let’s take a real-life case from Newport. A beautiful, mid-century property was put on the market. Before purchase, the prospective buyers decided to get an asbestos inspection. The report, indeed, showed the presence of asbestos in the insulation.

They contacted licensed asbestos removers who safely removed the asbestos, post which the property value surged due to the peace of mind this gave future potential buyers. The key takeaway from this case is the absolute importance of asbestos removal Newport when buying or selling property.


To sum it up, the safety of your Newport property may be at stake if you’ve been overlooking asbestos inspection. Ignoring this crucial aspect can lead to health hazards and affect your property’s market value. Each property owner in Newport should shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their property and its occupants.

FAQ 1: What services does ZKL Asbestos provide?

ZKL Asbestos is a top-rated asbestos removal company that offers a comprehensive range of services. These include asbestos inspections, removal, and safe disposal, along with providing professional advice on asbestos management. Our team is highly experienced, certified, and adheres strictly to Australian regulations to ensure safety at every step.

FAQ 2: How does ZKL Asbestos handle asbestos removal in Newport?

At ZKL Asbestos, we prioritise your safety above everything else. Our Newport asbestos removal process starts with a thorough inspection of the property to identify asbestos-containing materials. Then, our licensed experts carefully remove the asbestos and dispose of it safely, adhering to Australian safety guidelines. We also provide a post-removal inspection to ensure that your property is completely asbestos-free.

FAQ 3: How quickly can ZKL Asbestos respond to asbestos concerns in Newport?

ZKL Asbestos prides itself on its quick response time. If you have urgent asbestos concerns in Newport, our team will aim to attend to your request as soon as possible. We understand the gravity of asbestos-related issues and strive to provide immediate assistance.

FAQ 4: How much does ZKL Asbestos charge for its services?

The cost of our services at ZKL Asbestos varies depending on the complexity of the job, the amount of asbestos present, and the size of your property. Rest assured, we provide a detailed quote before starting any work, ensuring transparency at all stages. Remember, investing in professional asbestos services is a crucial step towards safeguarding your property’s value and your health.

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