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Asbestos is a natural mineral, which is made out of tiny fibres. They can easily get into your body through inhaling. Once inhaled, asbestos can get trapped within your lungs. If you have an asbestos roof, you should overcome this through asbestos roof removal. That’s where our specialists at ZKL Asbestos Gold Coast can help. 

Long-term asbestos exposure may cause cancer and even lung infections. There is a good chance that the roof on your home, which was constructed before the 1990s, contains asbestos. It was the most prevalent roofing material at the time, which explains why. But it’s important that you remove the asbestos roof right away. Allow our knowledgeable asbestos removal specialists to assist you with replacing an asbestos roof. We know how to do the task while ensuring that you won’t have to handle any difficulties on your own.

We provide comprehensive services for asbestos removal. Because of this, you may call us without hesitation to replace asbestos roofs. We assist you in building a new roof that is entirely free of asbestos once the old asbestos roof has been removed.

We are Gold Coast asbestos roof removal experts

Are you searching for experts in Gold Coast asbestos roof removal? We can then assist. The procedure of replacing a roof is not simple. It necessitates using certain instruments and working methods. It is possible to assure safety and health by following the method.

Wearing personal safety equipment is one such example. By doing this, asbestos exposure for the removal experts will be prevented. The workplace health and safety team should be aware of this when asbestos removal is taking place in a commercial building.

When removing friable asbestos, a Class A license must be acquired. Likewise, if asbestos that is not friable has to be removed, a Class B license should be sought. We have these licenses. That’s why you can rely on us for all asbestos roof replacement needs. After removing the asbestos, we’ll also carry out a clearance examination. This aids in our efforts to eliminate any leftover debris. When removing asbestos, we always abide by the law. In other words, we are well aware of the proper method for asbestos removal.

Our asbestos removal services

We provide thorough asbestos removal help from our roofing professionals. Please get in touch with us if you’re seeking for a hassle-free and safe asbestos roof replacement service in Gold Coast. We provide the following services: 

Asbestos Wall and Ceiling Removal Gold Coast

Testing for Asbestos in Gold Coast

Gold Coast Asbestos Demolition

Consultation on Asbestos Gold Coast

Who is susceptible to asbestos exposure?

Despite being harmful, asbestos is a substance that is often found in our environment. Asbestos, for instance, is still present on the majority of roofs in homes on the Gold Coast. It is preferable if you can have yourself tested for asbestos if you think you have been exposed to it. Here are a few of the categories of people who are most at risk of being exposed to asbestos.

Occupants of homes with asbestos roofs

Over time, minute asbestos fibres from your roof would enter your body. Therefore, being tested is essential.​


The microscopic fibres might enter your body when you drill holes in asbestos cement sheets.


When installing doors and dealing with asbestos sheets, you run the danger of asbestos exposure.

Auto mechanics

Some brake pad types include residues of asbestos, according to mechanics. When you work with them, asbestos is something you are exposed to.


You are exposed to asbestos if you take samples from asbestos fields for laboratory examination.

Understanding the Gold Coast's Asbestos Exposure Risk

One of the greatest dangers of asbestos exposure is mesothelioma. This specific kind of lung cancer may develop as a result of prolonged asbestos exposure. It can lead you to cough, exhaustion, abdominal discomfort, and constipation. 

Asbestosis may also affect those who regularly expose themselves to asbestos. This is a lung-related medical problem. Shortness of breath and coughing are among the signs of asbestosis. Asbestosis may cause irreversible lung damage if you ignore these symptoms.

Additionally, bear in mind that there is no effective cure for the harm asbestos may do to your lungs. Therefore, limiting your exposure to asbestos as much as you can is the greatest thing you can do. It’s a good idea to install a new roof that doesn’t contain asbestos fibres. Most people think of metal roofing there.

Asbestos Roof Repairs

Process of removing asbestos

When we remove asbestos sheets from your house, we follow a well laid out procedure. the following steps:

Site Assessment

We will examine your asbestos roof and develop an appropriate removal strategy.

Asbestos Removal

We guarantee the secure removal of asbestos roofing materials from your Gold Coast home.

Damage Examination

Following the removal of the asbestos roofing, we will look for any damage to the roof.

Installation of Metal Roof

Finally, we will provide you a brand-new metal roof. An asbestos clearance certificate is also available.

Speak with experts on asbestos removal!

Are you trying to find the top company in Gold Coast that can remove asbestos from roofs? You now have a motivation to cooperate with us.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with ZKL Asbestos. Everyone may get quick and hassle-free asbestos removal services from our team!

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Yes, until we repair your asbestos roof, you must vacate the premises. But we’ll make an effort to finish it as quickly as we can.

No, you do not need to let your neighbors know that asbestos is being removed.

It is not advised. We advise you to have new roofing in lieu of your asbestos roof.

Yes, we abide with all necessary safety regulations. We take precautions to ensure that there is no contamination throughout the procedure.

The price would change based on how big your roof is. Reach out to us, and we’ll inspect and provide an estimate. 

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