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Do you think that there is asbestos in your environment? Then you have a reason to call us and get an asbestos inspection done. We provide fast and accurate asbestos testing services for anyone.

Our asbestos inspection and asbestos removal services are available for both commercial and residential properties. We use the latest tools and techniques to detect asbestos containing materials.  Upon detecting the sources of asbestos, we can also help you in removing them. This will help you to get rid of the health risks associated with asbestos effectively. We are your go-to partner for asbestos inspection service.

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Exploring the risks of asbestos

It is never a good idea to have asbestos in your surroundings. Let’s take a look at the risks that asbestos can have when it is around you.

Health risks

Asbestos can lead you to numerous health conditions, such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. Long term asbestos exposure can result in chronic lung disease.

Occupational exposure

If you are working for construction or any other industry, you are at the risk of asbestos exposure. It is better to look for asbestos in your surroundings and get rid of it.

Environmental contamination

Asbestos minerals released into the air can result in environmental contamination. It can also result in both soil and water contamination.

Secondary exposure

Asbestos fibres can spread through work clothes, shoes, and other personal items. This can make you a carrier of the harmful asbestos fibres.

How we remove asbestos

We provide comprehensive asbestos inspection and removal services. Here’s an overview of how we do it.

Asbestos inspection

We will come to your location and offer a comprehensive asbestos inspection. We use the latest tools and techniques for asbestos inspection.
We use the latest tools and techniques for asbestos inspection.

Asbestos removal

Our team will make sure that all materials that contain asbestos are removed. We provide comprehensive asbestos removal services.
We provide comprehensive asbestos removal services.

Asbestos disposal

We will trap asbestos fibres and take them to a disposal facility. Our asbestos disposal method will make sure that no environmental contamination will happen.
Our asbestos disposal method will make sure that no environmental contamination will happen.

Comprehensive Asbestos Testing and Removal Services

We remove all types of asbestos

Asbestos can be found in many different forms. No matter what, any of these forms are healthy for you. This is why you need to look for a way to get rid of asbestos. 

We provide comprehensive Ipswich asbestos detection services. Upon detecting asbestos, we can proceed to remove them. The best thing about our asbestos inspection is that we can detect all forms of asbestos. This can help you to get rid of the risk from the root cause. There is no need to worry about the presence of asbestos after we remove it.

Common Types of Asbestos

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Skilled Asbestos Removal and Disposal Brisbane

Benefits of asbestos removal

Removing asbestos has several advantages and is indispensable for keeping a safe and healthy environment. Here are a few significant benefits. 

We conduct asbestos audits

To ensure the presence of asbestos, you need to do an asbestos audit. However, it is not something that you can do on your own. You will need to use appropriate tools and techniques to complete the audit properly. We are there to help you with it.

Once you contact us for Ipswich asbestos analysis, we will come to your place and conduct the asbestos audit. Our asbestos audits are available, regardless of the nature of your location. If asbestos is detected during the audit, we will be providing you with additional information on asbestos management. 

Destructive asbestos audits

Our destructive asbestos audit services will remove tiny asbestos parties from hidden places. This method of asbestos removal can cause minor damages to your property.

Non-Destructive Asbestos Audits

ZKL Asbestos offers non-destructive asbestos audits without causing any damage to your property. This is where we mainly rely on visual examination, sample gathering, and lab analysis. 

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Contact us for all your asbestos removal needs Ipswich

If you are looking for an expert who can help you on asbestos identification service, you can connect with us. We have the best service team, and we are ready to provide top-notch support to you at all times. Our experts will guarantee that you receive nothing but the best at any given time.

We can take care of the asbestos removal process as well. This helps you to ensure that you don’t need to contact multiple services providers for asbestos removal work. Give us a call now and let’s discuss it in detail.

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If you are looking for asbestos removal services in Ipswich, you can connect with us. There is no need to buy your own equipment or take any risks. We can do it for you.

It depends on the size of the area that we have to test. We will usually be able to provide you with the report within 1 to 5 days.

You can give us a call and schedule your appointment. Based on our team availability, we will serve you fast.

Yes, we use industry standard and approved methods for asbestos testing. They help us to make sure that we are 100% accurate at all times. 

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