Safety And Security : Asbestos Removal

Posted March 8, 2023

Establish a comprehensive plan

Prior to the removal process itself, the people in charge (i.e., industrial hygienist, safety supervisor, or contractor) must collaborate to provide details on how the area must be treated. These details must be laid out in a comprehensive plan, from the commencement of tasks to the cleanup process after the asbestos removal.

For this task, it’s helpful to create an asbestos inspection checklist to identify the location of existing or potential ACMs to help lessen or eliminate human exposure which can then lead to health and safety hazards. This checklist can also be used by certified inspectors in assessing the overall condition of a facility and how employee safety measures are being implemented in compliance with regulatory requirements.

On the other hand, the safety of workers who’ll perform the removal process must also be prioritized given the risks they may face. Hence, the industrial hygienist or safety supervisor must also use a PPE safety checklist to ensure their stocks of PPEs are sufficient and of good quality.

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